The function of the steel toe of safety shoes

Source: YONGKANG SAIFUTE INDUSTRAL CO., LTDRelease time: 2022-10-28

The steel toe of safety shoes is mainly anti-smashing, the impact resistance of the steel toe is required, it needs to be impact test with the impact hammer of the specified weight, when the steel toe is impacted, the height of the gap below is less than the specified value, and no penetrating cracks can appear in the axial direction, this steel toe is really qualified.

In the actual use of safety shoes steel toe can prevent many sudden events, for example, in the workplace there are heavy objects smashed into the foot, steel toe can be a good protection of the foot, in the factory there are abrasives fall smashed feet, this situation can also greatly reduce the foot injury, so a high-quality safety shoes is an important equipment for front-line workers master.