Fiberglass toe cap


Toe cap is made of a high performance inorganic non-metallic material,with technical support by SHANGHAI SHOWA HIGHPOLYMER CO.LTD.While protecting workers'work,it can reduce the fatigue of workers'feet to the greatest extent and bring comfortable wearing experience.

Compared to aluminum or steel toe cap,this toe cap have the following advantages:

1)High weight ratio:

When the strength is equal,the weight of the fiber toe cap is about 50%of the steel toe cap(the average weight of each series is about 45g).

2)Anti-static,anti-conductive,impact resistance,high and low temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,acid and alkali resistance,etc.

3)Standard:EN22568 ASTM CAS

4)Mold:604,604AB,604G,522,459,701.......,Impact resistant:200J(this toe cap suit EN345 safety shoes)

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